Torch Club

Ages 10-13
Members only


Torch Club is a fun small group leadership and empowerment program. It empowers Club members with the knowledge and skills to make positive choices in their lives in addition to giving them a place to use their creative skills to make a difference. A staff member facilitates activities and events and provides Club members with the support they need to reach their full potential. The group will work together to complete a project in each of the following core areas:

  • Service to Club and Community
  • Healthy Choices
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Learning for Life

Not only will Club members learn how to be strong leaders, make new friends, and make a difference in the community, but they will have a wonderful time doing it. 


Please contact us if technology is a barrier to accessing this program. We have various supports available.

If you have questions about this program please contact Carolyn O'Neill at or 289-927-0360

Torch Club 01

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