A membership with BGC Durham offers many benefits including discounts on camps, aquatics programs and access to members-only programs.

 BGC recreation programs (including the After-School Program) take place in a sensory rich environment that is fast paced and stimulating.

BGC programs are best suited to participants who:

  • engage safely in an instructor to participant ratio of 1:8 or 1:15 (based on age)
  • follow instructions with minimal prompts and redirection
  • transition between activities and program locations with ease
  • engage in table based activities for 20-30 minutes successfully
  • engages in activities of daily living such as changing, eating and toileting independently or with minimal verbal prompts

For participants who may benefit from additional support to meet the above criteria, inclusion support may be required. Although, BGC does not provide inclusion support, BGC will assist with the application for such supports. Support must be in place prior to the start of the program.

If you would like assistance of BGC to apply for inclusion support an Inclusion Participant Profile must be completed and returned prior to registering for programs.

Forms can be submitted to and will be forwarded to the appropriate program coordinator or director.

How do I know if inclusion support is needed for my child?

Inclusion support may be required if the participant:

  • Receives additional support at school
  • Receives support at home for basic care
  • Engages in behaviour that could affect the safety of themselves or others
  • Is associated with a support agency
  • Is unable to self-propel or toilet independently
  • Is unable to self-regulate

If you are unsure if your child requires support, please complete the Inclusion Participant Profile and you will be contacted to discuss potential supports.

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