HIGH FIVE: Principles of Healthy Child Development

BGC Durham is an accredited High Five organization. This means that all staff are trained in Principles of Healthy Child Development in a recreational and sport setting.

What is HIGH FIVE?

HIGH FIVE is Canada’s quality standard for children’s programs.

What are the Principles of Healthy Child Development?
A Caring Leader

Establishing relationships with caring, positive, and supportive relationships with adults can help children 4 to 12 develop positive social skills, self-esteem, and self-confidence.


Friends expand a child’s world beyond family. Having friends around allows children to share in humor, test loyalty, form their first audience, and offer support and criticism.


Children need to make choices, have a voice, and do things by and for themselves. This supports positive self-expression, physical activity, and interaction with others.


Children get to shape their environments using their imaginations when a program stresses fun, creativity, and cooperation. It also helps children develop motor and social skills, cognitive function, and creativity.


Programs should provide children with activities and tasks that enable them to feel special, important, and successful. Programs led by leaders and coaches who encourage mastery help promote learning.

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