BIG Renovations at the Club

BIG Renovations at the Club

There are some BIG changes coming to the club in 2018!

Starting January 2, 2018 Eastview is getting a huge makeover of many spaces throughout the building. This makeover will include custom cabinetry, millwork, new windows, paint, electrical services and more. Over the next few months we will be capturing the progress with short video clips from process, demolition, staff involvement and eventually the finished product. Renovations are expected to be complete by Valentine's day 2018. 

About the Designers

Alexis Kofman

Alexis Kofman     Alexis Kofman on Lev2 Millwork Company partners with Durham business to deliver a $90,000 renovation to the Boys and Girls Club!

    The idea cam about at the Ajax/Pickering Board of Trade gala where the two organizations were seated at the same table. BGCD was elated to be nominated for an award, but did not win. In steps Alexis with great news - "let's renovate your office space". The offer was well received by Lisa McNee-Baker, Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club of Durham. That meeting sparked an even better idea, we're going to renovate all of the offices for your staff," says Kofman, "you may not have won the award, but you're BIG winners now".

    Alexis also has a personal, more intimate reason for giving back. Having been born with a disability she cares deeply that "every child needs the opportunity to be nurtured and supported. To be taught that they are fearless and limitless and that they ate filled with unlimited potential. The Boys and Girls Club does exactly that for thousands of young children," says Kofman. "It's about heart. In fact, that's what Lev means. I'm so glad that our business partners feel the same and put their heart into this project."

Melissa Margaret

Melissa Margaret    My siblings and I visited our Opa and Oma at their cottage every summer. Opa did not swim and my Oma was taking lessons. I was afraid of the water, so my parents thought it was a good idea to put all of us in lessons too.

    At the time, the club was called Eastview Boys and Girls Club. Off we went to start our lessons. For my siblings it was easy, that was not the case for me. There was no blowing bubbles to get my face under the water. There was no jumping off the edge in the shallow end into the instructors arms. I was not having any of it.

    Eventually, some of the skills started to appear. It took time, but the instructors were patient. One day my instructor, Mary Beth, took the class to the deep end. I remember her telling my Mum I was going to be alright. My job......jump into the deep end. I stood on the side, looked at Mary Beth and knew I was safe. With little hesitation, I jumped! I just might have received a standing ovation from my parents!

    From there on, my confidence grew. The kindness and understanding of the instructors boosted my confidence and by the time I was ten, I had my bronze star. Thank you Boys and Girls Club of Durham for helping me to overcome my fear. Summers were spent having water fights, seeing who could swim to the float first and the confidence of knowing I could do it.

Tammy Hart

Tammy Hart    One of my fondest memories as a kid was when my babysitter took me to the Eastview Boys and Girls Club in Oshawa. I must have only been about 10 years old and, though it was a long time ago, I remember playing basketball and clearly remember swinging on the swing's outside.

    As a kid I wished I could've gone more than a few times more than I did. As an adult, I see the positive impacts that Boys and Girls Club has on the community and the youth. I'm grateful and proud to be working on this project with Alexis and Melissa and to have this opportunity to give back to the community in which we live, work and play.

Big Thanks to Everyone Involved

Renovations this size would not be possible without a community of people helping out. Alexis Kofman of Lev2 reached out to other business owners and trades in the Durham Region who have agreed to help with the renovations.

On top of Lev2's donation of products and services, totaling over $90,000, we would like to thank everyone involved in making the renovations a success including B.I.G. Renovations & Design, M2 Perspectives, Robert Cripps Construction, Lifestyle, AlphaPro Painting, and Tradescope Electrical. 

Cupid's Breakfast Challenge

The unveiling of all of the renovations will take place on Wednesday, February 14th. The Boys and Girls Club of Durham will be hosting a special networking breakfast from 7:30am to 9am to officially show off their new look. Don't forget to reserve your spot at this breakfast!

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Thank you to everyone who is helping out on this project

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